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Great Potato Half Marathon

Josiah Finishes Great Potato Half Marathon

Team FreeWheel congratulates Josiah on finishing his half marathon. Spectacular job!

If you'd like to be a member of Team FreeWheel and have your entry fee paid, click the link below!

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Bob - Little Rock, AR

I did the half marathon and with the freewheel it gives you the luxury of  just concentrating on your pace and the mechanic's of moving the chair. I found myself smiling at lot when I approached obstacles that would have terrified me without the freewheel. Ruts, trolley tracks and pot holes were no problem.

Eddie - Winnetka, California

"The FreeWheel has drastically changed my life. I run with my dog without any fear of flipping out of my chair. It glides over any surface and feels so stable."

Dennis- Longmont, CO

"The FreeWheel is a viable alternative to an expensive racing wheelchair. Road races are a blast and I doubt my racing chair at 8 mph is that much faster than a FreeWheel."

Quentin - New Zealand

"If you are one of those people who thinks they are too cool for a FreeWheel because you can wheelie over rough ground and up and down curbs, you are really missing out. The FreeWheel makes it heaps easier and safter over rought ground and stops the front caster wheels from getting stuck in grass and gravel.So good ... I import them!"

Shaun - Saskatchewan, Canada

"This is the best thing I've spent money on in years! Straight out of the box, attached in 5 seconds and gone ... I mean gone! Flying across the grass and out into the gravel alley. Flew through potholes, floated over branches, with no slowing down. AMAZING!"

Brian - Port Townsend, Washigton

"I wish I'd had the FreeWheel since day one of my injury. Went to a BBQ and they have a huge hilly back yard with gravel pathways. Instead of sitting parked by a table I was free to move about the whole yard, play with the dog, chase after our toddler. Thanks Pat, I love this thing!

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