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    FreeWheel = Mobility. Independence. Freedom.

    Whether you have a rigid frame or a folding wheelchair, the FreeWheel wheelchair attachment is your ticket to Freedom, Independence, and increased Mobility.

    With the FreeWheel your wheelchair casters are lifted off the ground, turning your chair into a 3-wheeler, so you simply roll over any obstacle: curbs, dirt trails, grass, gravel, snow, and sand. No more wasting energy and slowing down to pop a wheelie.

    Click on Videos to see the FreeWheel in Action!

    Click on HERE to learn more fitting your FreeWheel on a FOLDING Wheelchair with the ADAPTOR for Folding Wheelchair.

    Click HERE to learn more about our Custom Frame FreeWheels for footrests higher than 4-3/4" from the ground.

    If you wish to buy a FreeWheel, click HERE to find a dealer that can help you! If you are in  the United States, Canada, or Mexico contact us directly at info@gofreewheel.com

    FreeWheel Testimonials

    "This is the best thing I've spent money on in years! Straight out of the box, attached in 5 seconds and gone ... I mean gone! Flying across the grass and out into the gravel alley. Flew through potholes, floated over branches, with no slowing down. AMAZING!"  read more...

    FreeWheel in the News

    International Video Contest Winner

    FreeWheel Video contest winner, received a USA Olympic hockey jersey. Eric, with his sister Rachel, created an award-winning video that features Eric's adventures at Boy Scout camp.

    Release Date: 11/16/2014

    Folding Wheelchair ADAPTOR

    FreeWheel Folding Wheelchair Adaptor Now Available!

    Release Date: 3/4/2014

    For all news items click here

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