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ADAPTOR for Folding Wheelchairs

For individuals with folding wheelchairs, you will need the ADAPTOR to connect your FreeWheel.

That ADAPTOR fits between the side horizontal tubing on your wheelchair. Once connected it temporarily keeps the chair from folding. The "hitch" at the end of the ADAPTOR acts as a two tube footrest type, which is what you attach the FreeWheel to.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the initial set up of the ADAPTOR. You set-up your FreeWheel using the custom flat shims that comes with the ADAPTOR and the SHORT Rear End that comes with the FreeWheel. Put the FreeWheel in the Tail Dragger Position (wheel out front of the FreeWheel frame) to attach it to the ADAPTOR hitch.

When you are ready to go inside, put the FreeWheel in the Tail Dragger Position, unclamp from the "hitch" and then loosen the large knobs on the ADAPTOR. The ADAPTOR is now easily removed and you can fold your wheelchair. 

Now individuals with folding wheelchairs can experience the freedom, mobility and safety of the FreeWheel!

FreeWheel provides a custom ADAPTOR for Motion Composite wheelchairs, that have 1-1/4" diameter side horizontal tubing.

Custom side shims/sleeves are also available to accommodate side tubing that is 3/4" or 7/8" in diameter. Inform your FreeWheel dealer or distributor when ordering. You can see a list of our dealers across the globe, by clicking on this link: Find a Dealer

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