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Standard Size FreeWheel

The FreeWheel is designed for manual rigid wheelchairs with a stationary footplate/footrest. 


With Folding Wheelchairs, please look at our ADAPTOR, which was made to allow the FreeWheel to work with these types of chairs.


If your footrest is 4-7/8" (or less) from the ground to the top of the footrest, the standard FreeWheel will work.


If your footrest is higher than 4-7/8", continue reading for more about our CUSTOM FreeWheel sizes.


To attach the freewheel to a rigid frame wheelchair footrest with a plate, the leading edge of the plate must be flush with the tubing underneath. 


Upper right are samples of footrest types the FreeWheel works with. The FreeWheel will not work on flip up footrests with non-folding chairs.

Custome Size FreeWheel

Many children and some adults have footrests that are higher than 4.75” from the ground to the top of the footrest. In this instance, you will need a Custom Frame FreeWheel.

Custom frames come in 4 sizes: 5.5”, 6.5”, 7.5”, and 8.5”.


Each custom size FreeWheel has the ability to adjust up or down 1”. This means that the highest footrest a FreeWheel can accommodate with a custom frame is 9.5” inches from the ground to the top of the footrest.

When ordering a custom frame, it is important to what kind of footrest you have as well as the following:

A)  Height (in inches) from the ground to the top of the footrest in the front AND in the back.    


 B) Depth of the footrest so that the angle of the footrest can be determined.

Lastly, if your footrest has risers, you will need a "modified D" which will be mounted
underneath the footrest, in the very front, to mimic the tubing the FreeWheel normally connects to. (see below)

Footrest types.jpg

Attention those with TiLite angle adjustable footrests!  You will need to order Part # P102 kit so your Freewheel attaches correctly.  See Below....

Examples of Custom Frame FreeWheel

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