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The FreeWheel allows you to easily and safely traverse any rough terrain!

Whether it's the urban jungle that is NYC, going to your child's soccer game, or participating in a triathlon,
a FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment is the answer.

Easier Pushing - The FreeWheel has a longer wheelbase making it easier to push through various types of rough terrain. No more need to constantly avoid certain types of terrain. When using a Freewheel Wheelchair attachment, the user's shoulders, elbows and wrists will experience less strain so they can travel further and for longer periods of time independently.

Safer - The FreeWheel lifts the small front casters off the ground which decreases the risk of the chair user falling or getting caught when these small wheels catch on bumps in the sidewalk, stones or gravel in the road or crossing a grassy field.

Stay Active/Stay Healthy - The Freewheel will expand where a wheelchair user can travel with their wheelchair. This will ensure a more active and thus healthier lifestyle!

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