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Suddenly! When Xia Buer crashed into the group of corpses, two loud roars suddenly sounded from the rear, and the terrible roar made the crowd instinctively shrink their necks, and when they looked back in horror, another fat corpse king rushed over. *** me! What's going on? Why are you chasing us in a group. Gao Zhibo was scared out of the body covered with white hair sweat, never thought of two fat corpse king together, but they didn't think of two fat corpse king actually threw out the fat intestines at the same time, like two bulls like merciless collision together, a large number of fat intestines like javelin desperately stab each other. Ha ha, they're fighting, they're fighting.. Yang Jiantao was so excited that he screamed again and again,Glass Cosmestic Containers, and the girls all gave out cheers. I never thought that at this time, the two fat corpse kings had just made a move, and the Prometheans around them were scared to lie on the ground. Even the two jumping corpses that had just emerged were scared away, and they were allowed to run amok in the army of Prometheans. But Xia Buer said in a deep voice, "Don't be happy too early. They are devouring evolution!" "Evolution?"? Can the fat corpse king still become the fat corpse emperor. Gao Zhibo looked at him in shock. Xia Buer nodded and said,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, "I don't know what they will evolve into, but the mutant Prometheans are graded. The Black Skin Jumping Corpse has four bars, and the Fat Corpse King has seven bars. They will become more powerful after devouring their opponents. The victorious Fat Corpse King is likely to become eight bars!" "My God!"! Let's pray that they die together. Yang Jiantao swallowed and spat with a frightened face. It was no good for anyone to see a more horrible monster. But he finally rushed onto a flat road. There was not even a Promethean on the wide road. The girls all shouted ecstatically: "Alive!"! We can live, long live the second brother! Long live the second brother. Chapter 0216 the worst survivor. Perhaps it was because good people would be rewarded. Before long, it rained heavily in the sky. The girls immediately turned off the lights, leaving only two small fog lights on the first car. After the rookies turned off the lights, they were surprised to find that the scattered Prometheans on the roadside were all motionless and looked up at the sky foolishly. Haha ~ Not bad luck! God has come to give us a ride. Xia Buer patted the steering wheel excitedly. Not only did they meet the fat corpse king PK, which is rare in a thousand years, Blue Bottle Serum ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, but God also generously rained heavily. In this way, there won't be many Prometheans coming out to make trouble. They are about to enter the urban-rural fringe, and if they continue, they will be allowed to gallop in the countryside. Find a safe place to hide for a night first, it's easy to have an accident if you run blindly at night. Holding a rifle, Gao Zhibo did not dare to take it lightly. The countryside was also very dangerous. The captives had said before that there were dead cats and dogs everywhere. If they were not careful, they would be bitten into living corpses. Moreover, there were not only living corpses but also insane living people in the countryside. It was not impossible to trap them. Before long, the surrounding houses began to become sparse, high-rise buildings were basically invisible, and occasionally one or two farmlands could be seen, officially declaring that they had entered the urban-rural fringe, but they knew nothing about the situation here, and Xia Buer dared not raise the speed at all. Go to Xianglin Resort, there must not be many Prometheans. Yang Jiantao pointed to the left side with great interest, but Xia Buer had a psychological shadow on the resort. He was cheated into bed by Li Shirong in the resort. So he shook his head and said: "The resort is too close to the Dinosaur Park. Maybe we will meet their people. We have to get some more guns to get in!" "Yes!"! In case of a fight, I'm sure I'll suffer a loss. Gao Zhibo nodded his head deeply. Xia Buer immediately turned the steering wheel and drove to the right. Who knew that there was a broken passenger plane across the road in front of him. It seemed that the passenger plane should have been forced to land here, but it broke in the middle. There was no fire accident. "Oh my God!"! It's so scary. Yang Jiantao stared round and round. Although the passenger plane was generally intact, the cabin was like a blood collection vehicle exploding. There were dried and blackened blood everywhere, rotten limbs and broken arms everywhere, and even many Prometheans were tied to their seats by seat belts, hanging askew in the cabin, baring their teeth and claws, which was creepy. The people in the Dinosaur Park don't seem to have much courage. They haven't even been here. Xia Buer pointed to the piles of luggage scattered on the ground. These were all supplies picked up in vain. What's more, there must be a lot of food in the cargo hold. But Yang Jiantao said: "There is a small county town in the north of the Dinosaur Park. They will definitely choose there for supplies. The county town is much safer than the city!" "That's right!"! No loss is a theoretical expert. Xia Buer smiled and raised his thumb. Yang Jiantao could not say that he was a timid man. He could only say that this guy really cherished his life too much. He was not willing to take even a little risk if he was not driven to a dead end. Otherwise, his ability would not be much worse than his. What the hell is this place. Xia Buer suddenly lowered his body curiously. There was a big circle of white walls on the right side, enclosing the two low hills. A blue shed could be seen in the distance. Yang Jiantao said: "The rotten racetrack stopped after half of it was built. There must be no Promethean inside!" "Go in and see." Xia Buer immediately turned the steering wheel to the right and ran a few hundred meters to find the entrance to the construction site. Who knew that the gate was not only open, but also several sports cars were parked on the runway that had already been built. The doors of several sports cars were almost open,glass cream jars, and some cars were covered with dried blood. This place is so big. Xia Buer slowly drove the car onto the runway, which was enough to build a university campus. The winding runway had basically been repaired, but the affiliated buildings had just laid the foundation. There was nothing here except two tree-lined hills. Second elder brother! What are we doing here? It's developed by my family. It's been shut down for more than half a year. 。


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