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Import EML to Outlook Using Windows Live Mail

Users are strongly advised to backup their data before performing this task. After that, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Open each Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail application on your personal computer.

  2. In WLM, Click on the File tab, highlight the Export option, and select the email messages.

  3. Choose Microsoft Exchange to be an export option. Hit next.

  4. Following this, you'll be presented with a message informing you that all your emails have been exported to Microsoft Outlook or MS Exchange. Click OK.

  5. You can migrate to all email folders or select the specific folders you wish to export with the Choose option. You can select only the folders you need to export using the Select option.

  6. Click "OK" and wait for the export process to be completed successfully.

  7. After prompting the Export Complete wizard, click Finish.

Be aware that Windows Live Mail and Outlook application installed on the local machine is required to complete the conversion. Additionally, at the start of the process, it is essential to add MS Outlook to the system. It is easy to use EML and Outlook Converter Software to complete the import process.

Highly recommended tool: Shoviv EML to PST Converter

Import EML Files to Outlook Using Microsoft Outlook Application

This method is a possibility to access EML files when EML files are stored separately on the computer, but there isn't an EML compatible software in place to allow access to the files. However, installing Outlook installed locally on the computer is necessary to execute the instructions. This allows you to add an EML file to Outlook.

  1. Open Outlook on your personal computer.

  2. Go to where EML files are stored and select the file.

  3. Choose the EML documents and drag them into the Outlook application.

Now you can import EML directly into Outlook.

Notification: Proper installation and configuration of the Outlook application are crucial for this method. If you only have a few EML files, This method can import EML into Outlook.

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