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Shen Tu'er sat in the dining room waiting for her, and when he saw her with wet hair, he raised his lips: "The cake is already cold." "It tastes good when it's cold." Ji heard and sat down across from him, picked up a cupcake and began to eat it. She was so hungry that she stuffed her mouth like a hamster. Shen Tu'er felt that her eating appearance was too good, and after looking at it, he couldn't help turning his face away. Ji didn't notice it, but just concentrated on eating his own. Do you want milk? Shen Tu'er asked, pouring himself a drink first. Just the right temperature, to the moment in the stomach, the whole person is comfortable. Ji Ting shook his head: "I drank a lot yesterday, and now I feel a little sick..." "Poof.." Her voice did not fall, Shen Tu you a mouthful of milk spurted out, impartially all scattered on her body, even the cake in her basket was not spared. The face that season listens instantly black, one face is disgusted look to him: "What are you doing?" Shen Tu'er also felt bad. He choked and coughed for a long time before he slowed down. He frowned and looked at her. "Why are you telling me this?!" He didn't want to know the details between her and her eldest brother at all! “…… What did I say about such a big reaction? Ji is a little speechless. Shen Tu'er is uncomfortable not to open his face, originally natural and unrestrained face some embarrassment: "These things are not allowed to say outside, eldest brother will be angry." He said and went straight away. Ji listened and looked at his back with a puzzled face, completely unable to understand what he meant. After breakfast,titanium machining parts, she went back to her room to change her clothes. Shen Tu'er's milk got her all over. She really disliked it. After changing clothes, it was already more than ten o'clock. It was time to make up lessons for Shentu Temple. According to the decision of those personalities, Shentu Temple would come out at this time. The system of changing the guard between them has always been quite wonderful. Ji Ting found it early in the morning. Although they can change the guard according to the idea of four people at ordinary times, once there are external factors, or huge emotional ups and downs, the boss will come out. It is also an order mixed with a little uncertainty. She changed her clothes and went to the study. Sure enough, Shentu Temple was waiting there. She didn't know what she was doing. As soon as she saw her rubbing,DIN screw plug, she stood up and hid in her pocket in a panic: "Teacher Ji, Ji." "Is this the first time I've heard you call me teacher?" I thought Shentu Temple would retort, but I just looked at her sullenly and whispered, "If you like it, I'll call you that in the future." "So good?"? So I was right to help you yesterday? Ji listened with a smile in his eyes. Shentu Temple took a quick look at her, staring awkwardly at the ground, still holding on to her mouth: "I'm not because of yesterday..." "That's all right. Let's go to class." Ji Ting beckoned him to sit down and began today's class. Shentu Temple unexpectedly cooperated, only occasionally his face would suddenly turn red, or he would go to God, but compared with the previous non-stop and not serious, he was simply a little angel. At the end of a class, Ji listened to the praise of the math book: "Not bad, keep it up." Shentu Temple snorted, Stainless steel foundry ,metal stamping parts, disdaining not to open his face, but his eyes exposed his joy at the moment. Ji listened to a funny look at him, picked up the book and prepared to go out, but was hurriedly caught up by Shentu Temple, and stuffed something into her: "This is for you!"! I just asked someone to rush it! He finished and ran away, listening to a face of inexplicable centripetal, only to see a crystal apple on it, very local flavor. She raised her eyebrows, curiously pinched the extra branch of the apple, and then accidentally touched some button, the whole apple suddenly flashed like a nightclub, and sang a little apple. Ji Ting: "… …" Did she travel to the non-mainstream period more than ten years ago? Chapter 64 Season listening to the earthy little apple, shocked for a long time before hurriedly turn off the song, looking at this thing angry and funny, feel that Shentu Temple is completely biting the hand that feeds it. She put the apple in her pocket and went back to her room with the book. She didn't come out until lunch time. When she arrived at the restaurant, Shentu Temple was already sitting there waiting for her, and noticed that she was deliberately not looking at her after she came, but her little eyes were shaking uncontrollably. Hearing this, Ji laughed and patted him on the head. "What are you pretending to be blind? Why don't you say hello to me?" “…… Don't you want to say hello? Shentu Temple sat up awkwardly and couldn't help peeking at her. After she sat down, she coughed, "Do you still like the gift I gave you today?" Ji listened for a moment, thinking of the colorful apple, and could not say what he liked against his will. Shentu Temple's eyes seemed to be blinded at this time. She could not see her obvious dislike. She also opened her mouth proudly: "This is what I searched on the Internet. Girls like the first thing in the list of gifts. No woman doesn't like it." The season listened to the corner of the mouth to twitch: "How do you search?" "Directly search for the words of the girl's favorite gift, ah, directly jump out of a pile of links, I picked the same city, added money to let people send directly." Although Shentu Temple hinted that he should keep a low profile, he could not help claiming credit. The season listened to a moment of silence: "May I ask, what is the second place?" "Writing a diary and a kaleidoscope of makeup, but it's too much trouble to write a diary, makeup that." I think you are very good-looking, there is no need to choose that, "Shentu Temple finished, the fundus reveals a trace of doubt," but I do not understand why girls like cheap things? That makeup kaleidoscope, a pile of things on it only costs more than ninety yuan. “……” "Of course, I can't buy you a cheap one. I'll give you that crystal apple, but it's the most expensive one in the whole network. It's more than 280 yuan. What about my pocket money for a month?" Shentu Temple continues to play. The season listens helplessly to look at him, after waiting for him to say, sighed: "Do not buy these for me later, know?" "Why?" Shentu Temple has an innocent face. Because what you choose is not only straight but also steel,deep draw stamping, no girl will like such a rustic thing! The season listens not to have the heart to hurt the young boy's simplicity, wanted to tell a lie: "Because I am your teacher, receives your gift not too well to know?" “…… You're not just taking me as a student. Shentu Temple muttered discontentedly.


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